In The Wild Fro Racing Street Luge School
 Wild Fro Racing LLC can train you to Street Luge in as little as two hours. Take our full day training course and we can have you riding at speeds of up to 70 mph+. We provide use of complete gear, including leathers, helmet, gloves, shoes and luge (Wild Fro Street Luges are adjustable...see below You get your basic training in a large slightly sloping area. We show you how to start, turn, stop and common riding positions. You practice these techniques at slow speeds in this area until we are comfortable with your ability to utilize them. From the basics we take you a short way up the hill for your first run, which will be at about 25 mph maximum. We critique your ride and if you are riding smooth and handle braking properly we will take you a little further up the hill for your next ride which will be at about 30 mph. This format is continued until you are riding at about 40-45 mph. You will then ride with another rider to get the feel of having someone riding with you on the road. Next we will show you various techniques of controlling your speed. When you demonstrate that you have gained the ability to control your speed, we will take you further up the hill so that you can start increasing your speed to about 60 mph. When you are comfortable with your ability to ride at about 60 mph we will take you up to the top of the hill ("The Dinosaur") so that you can start riding the entire 2.5 miles of this super fun road with it's smooth pavement, sweeping turns, chicane, 1/2 mile long straight and up hill braking area. Dinosaur Point Road is located approximately 24 miles east of Hwy 101 in Gilroy CA and is an exit off of Hwy 152. Wild Fro Racing LLC also rents street luges and gear and sells "Use of Road" passes.

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Videos & Photos down to Street Luge, click Thumbs 3, 4 & 5....Awesome rides down "The Dinosaur"
Dave Auld's Great Pictures @ Dinosaur Point
3rd Annual "FunDay" @ Dinosaur Point...Photos

As seen on Bay Area Backroads...KRON-TV Channel 4 in SF, CA
"BREAKING AWAY: Speed demons"...Modesto Bee, CA"2.5 mile Dionsaur descent."

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Wild Fro Adjustable Street Luge Chassis Specifications:
 The Wild Fro Street Luge chassis length is adjustable in 1/2" increments. The standard configuration is adjustable between 5'-5-1/2" and 6'-0". A short configuration is available which is adjustable between 5'-3-1/2" and 5'-10". A long configuration is available which is adjustable between 5'-7-1/2" and 6'-2". An extra long configuration is available which is adjustable between 5'-9-1/2" and 6'-4". On special order an "extra short" configuration is adjustable from 5'-0" to 5'-4-1/2", or from 5'-2-1/2" TO 5'-7", or from 5'-4-1/2" to 5'-9". Extra bumper and extension booms are available at additional charge. You can have a single luge that is adjustable from 5'-3-1/2" to 6'-4".

Front and rear truck adjustments are in 5/16" increments. The standard foam head rest is adjustable on Velcro strips. Front and rear boom assemblies are each attached with 4-5/16" grade 8 socket screws. Front riser comes with standard foam padding. Largest disassembled unit (pan & handle bars) is 42.5" long. Complete luge fits in a standard "duffle bag". Chassis weight is approximately 28.5 lb.. Chassis "flex", truck mount rigidity, "pan" width and ground clearance at bottom edge of "pan" was designed with the racer in mind. Each part is individually replaceable (no welds) only "allen" wrences for screws and sockets for nylon lock nuts are needed.

Prototype (red pan in picture) was tech inspected by both IGSA and EDI and was run at the IGSA X-Games Qualifier in St. George and the EDI Donner Down Hill Festival. The protype has been run on the Dinosaur Point Road at 73 mph, running Randal luge trucks with duals up front, Bones "Reds" and Xtreme Wheelz "Smoke Bombs". The luge is very stable. The "horse shoe" rubber covered handle bars give excellent grip and leverage. Primary materials are 6061 aluminum and plywood.

The other two chassis have Randal R-IIB trucks with "Reds" and Xtreme Wheelz "Smoke Bombs" and have been ridden by students on their first day of training at speeds in excess of 70 mph.

Wild Fro Street Luge Chassis

Only.....$495.00 US$

(available in black with "burnished" aluminum only)
CA residents add sales tax
plus shipping if applicable.

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Manufacturers & Suppliers
Xtreme Wheelz.....Mfg. of "Smoke Bombs" and other luge wheels
Randal Design.....Mfg. of Quality luge trucks

IGSA...Sanctioning body of WORLD CUP races